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0xbattleground Beta APK v0.6 Latest Version Download For Android

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Get ready for the thrill and excitement of playing a game that gives you a surprise every moment. A Battle Royal, Call of Duty, and PUBG Mobile-inspired season of survivors action game. The latest 0xbattleground Beta is a newly developed and launched game by IBLOXX Studios. This is going to be a roller coaster for you with impressive gameplay and high-quality graphics. However, this is not going to be an ordinary game. This is the first gaming application offering earning options with crypto using the NFTs. While playing this amazing survival game you are going to get NFTs with each win and during missions.

Moreover, the story of the gameplay starts with a Cryptocurrency scam, where a person named Simon Brain Fried. He is on an isolated island and you have to find and move to a safe house on the island. However, you have to face some enemies as well who are also searching for him. Thus, you must find him and move to the safe house. In return, you get NFTs as a reward. Now, the latest 0xbattleground Beta is launched with a competitive gaming experience. That can be played solo or in a team. In addition, mobile gamers can also check the updated Weckman WS130 Mod for more action and thrill. Download the APK now!

0xbattleground Beta NFTs:

Now, this is an amazing combination of gaming and earning through Cryptocurrency. There are different NFTs in the game. Which you can collect on various battlefields and missions. Indeed, the amazing 0xbattleground Reddit Beta gives you various playing modes. These modes include One Against All, Team Play, and Safe House. All these modes give you different gaming experience. But the main motive behind each game is thrill and excitement along with earning. You are going to get rewards in each playing mode for free. Thus, you are going to play the League of Survivors with huge learning options and a diverse environment.

Furthermore, this game allows you to carry your NFTs with real utility. You get the best characters, Guns, Skins, and accessories. Indeed, you can exchange these NFTs and get other cryptocurrencies. The amazing OX battleground APK offers default characters initially, You need to win battles and get rewards. These rewards can be used to upgrade your characters with weapons, skins, and other accessories. In addition, the game is developed with DDOS protection, Which gives your device and gaming account protection. It is compatible with your Android device. All you need is to download the APK file from our site and enjoy the game for free.

0xbattleground Beta Mobile Features:

This application is ready to offer you some amazing features that are only present in the Beta version. Before playing the game, you must explore the features in detail.

NFT Earning:

Now you can own NFT as a reward for winning matches and defeating your enemies. These NFTs can be used to upgrade your characters with Weapons, Skins, and various accessories. However, you can also exchange them against other cryptocurrencies. The latest ox battleground APK is the best earning option. This is the first gaming application offering you real NFTs in-game rewards.

Game modes in 0xbattleground Beta:

Moreover, you are going to enjoy various game modes with this application. It gives you game modes based on different rewards and levels of competition. Thus, you can play the game as a solo player, in a team, and Safe House missions. These modes help you get to socialize with players and also get different rewards in each mode. However, there are certain tournaments and competitions as well. Where you can participate. 0xbattleground Beta App gives you a chance to join the biggest 100,000 prize pool tournament for free. Join the free survival action game and start earning.

DDOS Protection:

Distributed Daniel of Service, This is the latest protection protocol used in this game. It gives you protection against attacking servers and helps you play safe.

Additional Functions:

  • The highest quality graphics for video and audio allow you to enjoy the best gaming experience.
  • Autoscaling and Matchmaking in the game are quite amazing and fast.
  • Low Latency.
  • 0xbattleground Beta is Free of cost.
  • Free from advertisements.
  • Amazing characters with various skins, weapons, and degradation options.


Finally, video gaming is going to offer something unique and interesting. We bring you an amazing mobile gaming application for Android users, visit our site apkset.net for the best game experience. Which is more than just a gaming app that offers NFTs as rewards in the gameplay. Indeed, you can use these NFTs to upgrade your characters and gaming. Also, change them to get other currencies and make money easily. This is the best and later survival action game, also known as League of Survivors. Free Download the latest version of 0xbattleground Beta APK from our site for free. Enjoy the thrilling and exciting journey with this amazing game.