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The world is rapidly developing and moving towards online currencies. But, not everyone has access to and can earn from these blockchain platforms. We are here with the first Islamic coin based on Shariah. our latest Haqq Wallet APK is an Islamic coin wallet app. Also, it is fulfilling the needs of an Islamic system and making it possible through Islamic principles. Moreover, it has more than 1 lac downloads from the Play Store and has over 1.9 billion Muslim users. Haqq means “the amount that everyone deserves to have”. This is the first Islamic system of Blockchain for cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, the Haqq network is highly secure and say way of cryptocurrency and investment. You can easily earn through this app based on Shariah. Nowadays, everyone is investing online and making money, so why should Muslims wait? This is the best opportunity to invest time and get the benefits. the Haqq Coin is the best crypto coin for investment. Join the updated and new version of the Haqq Wallet APK app and start earning now. This app was launched by the Haqq association and makes an investment way for Muslims. If you want to earn from an online platform and want it to be based on Shariah and Islamic laws. Then, download this Android app and start using it now.

What is Haqq Wallet islamic Coin APK?

Muslims have the best opportunity in the form of the Haqq Network, where they can get the Haqq Coin. This is the first Islamic cryptocurrency launched based on ethical web3 for everyone. Also, it works on sustainable financing and brings equal opportunities for everyone. Moreover, The Haqq Wallet’s Latest Version is easy to use and user-friendly. You can easily run this app and mine for the Islamic Coins. This is a safe and secure application with various security features. The Haqq Wallet Reviews prove that users are happy and highly satisfied with this App.

Now, the Haqq Wallet APK is making a rapid improvement and reaching new heights. It is the right time to invest and get the benefits. Also, this app provides easy and suitable functions for users. You can easily get the transition on your account in a few seconds. Moreover, it has no hidden charges or commissions. you get the amount you have earned and get a profit through Shariah and Islamic principles. You can keep your coins without any fear and have easy transfer options. Furthermore, if you are a Muslim and want to earn through cryptocurrency and Web3 then, this is the right platform. Start earning now with the Islamic Coin app.

Main Features of Haqq Wallet APK:

This is the first Islamic coin app providing an opportunity for Muslims to earn through Web3. The Haqq wallet application is developed and designed with various user-friendly features.

Safe and Secure app:

This is a highly secure application for crypto based on Web3 technology. Moreover, it’s secure through various verification processes. You get high security like the other crypto wallet apps in the Haqq Wallet app.


This is a major feature of every Crypto app, where you can stack your coins and earn a profit on it. The Islamic Coin Wallet also allows you to stack your Islamic coins and earn profit.


If you are still worried about the security and safety features. Then, must not be worried about it. Using the Ledger technology, you can connect any industry-standard hardware wallet. Thus, it allows you to secure your assets.


The Haqq Wallet APK is making Muslims financially strong and this also allows you to participate in the network decision-making. Moreover, can vote for the proposals introduced for the Haqq Network and give your point of view.

More Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Free from Advertisements
  • Non-custodial Wallet
  • Social Login
  • Free of cost
  • User-friendly
  • Supports all Android devices

How to Download and Install the Haqq Wallet APK?

Now you can download the new version of the Haqq Wallet app by following the few easy steps:

  • Click on the Download button and wait until the download completes.
  • Now, go to downloads click on the setup file, and start the installation process.
  • Allow installation permission if required.
  • After installation open the app and register yourself by filling in easy requirements.
  • finally, you are ready to go and earn the Islamic Coins.


Finally, the Islamic coin is launched with the base of Shariah and Islamic financing principles. Now, everyone can get access to the ethical Web3 and start earning. Also, you are going to get a safe and secure Islamic Coin app with various easy and simple features. Moreover, the latest Haqq Wallet APK is ready to make your Web3 journey ethical and based on Islamic principles. However, If you want to earn from another site as well, then download the Golden Bison APK. It is the best opportunity for Muslims from around the world, Download now for free and start earning.